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Super Mama Set

this promotion has ended.

Super Mama Set on AMC Cookware

RM 2,338.00only!

AMC Cookware Super Mama Set consists of

  1. 24cm Roasting Pan
  2. 20cm Super Deep
  3. 20cm Steamer
  4. 20cm Combi Bowl

Super Mama Set – Gift with Purchase (GWP)

Buy Super Mama Set and get the beautiful Twin Spherical Bowl for free!

Super Mama Set Twin Spherical Bowl
Super Mama Set Twin Spherical Bowl
Super Mama Set Twin Spherical Bowl

RM 450.00

The Twin Spherical Bowl have rubber grip underneath to prevent slip.
Comes in two sizes, up to 2 litres.
Measurements are embossed instead of printed to prevent text fading.

Super Mama Set – Purchase with Purchase (PWP)

Get an Audiotherm at only RM118nett when you purchase Super Mama Set!
Super Mama Set Audiotherm Special Price

RM 118.00only!

Colorful Stainless Steel Knives

this promotion has ended.

AMC Cookware Knives in a Box
AMC Cookware Knives in a circle
AMC Cookware Knives in a row in the holder
AMC Cookware Knives on the holder
AMC Cookware Knives and Holder
AMC Cookware Knife in Holder Upright
AMC Cookware Knife in Holder
AMC Cookware Naked Knife Holder
AMC Cookware Knife Holder Bristles

These AMC Power Collection Stainless Steel Knives are not for sale. However they are gifts to be won! Are you interested in getting this set of AMC Power Collection Stainless Steel Knives? Limited time only!

Below is an article on stainless steel knives and their benefits.

Stainless steel knives are alloys–that means they are made of two or more metals, such as carbon, iron and chromium–which adds rust resistance for a stainless steel knife. Carbon steel knives are made of iron and carbon. They are known to be harder than stainless steel knives, with a longer lasting blade.

Stainless steel knives are iron and chromium (an element that reduces the incidence of the blade rusting). If shopping for stainless steel knife blades, look for a martensitic stainless steel because that means there is also carbon in the blade that increases strength.

The leading stainless steel knives s are forged, nonetheless stamped knives, reduce from a sheet of steel, are a good deal more reasonably priced and may still scope with superior top quality demands. There are also sets or blocks of stainless steel knives with as much as twelve Kitchen stainless steel knives or perhaps far more things and here I can say that you merely use one single stainless steel knives from inside the knife block at the time. In some circumstances you could look for a boning knife or perhaps a bird’s beak parer, but probabilities are you do not really need to have 1 and you are able to use your standard stainless steel knives . By purchasing much less stainless steel knives, you have the capacity to make investments in better-quality stainless steel knives.

All professional chefs use stainless steel knives with a blade sharpness that is unrivaled. Professional kitchen Knives do not rust and need little maintenance. Chefs have knives in their handsĀ  80% of the time they are working, so it becomes obvious that the better this tool is, they will have much less fatigue.

The primary selling point for stainless steel knives is the ease of maintenance. Although stainless steel can rust, it usually won’t under normal conditions, meaning that knives made of stainless steel can be left in less-than-ideal conditions and ignored for long periods of time without rusting. Stainless steel blades of decent quality are often more expensive than comparable carbon steel knives, however, and the slightly harder nature of stainless steel makes them more difficult to sharpen.

None of the metal alloys used in knives are truly “stain-free” or “stainless.” Most are stain-resistant. Stainless steel knives should never be soaked for lengthy periods or put in high-concentration bleach solutions or salt water. Primarily for safety reasons, stainless steel knives should not be washed in the dishwasher. A stainless knife placed in contact with a metal pan or utensil can pick up a stain due to the chemical reaction of the two metal items in combination with hot water and dishwasher detergent. Such stains do not affect performance.

Get a Free Sauteuse Pan

Sauteuse Pan Promotion
Navigenio Promotion

Special Promotion!

With every purchase of AMC Navigenio single item, you will get 16cm AMC Sauteuse Pan with Visiotherm FREE!

(NOT applicable to PWP of AMC Navigenio).

Terms and Conditions apply :

  1. Effective from 01-02-2012 until 18-03-2012
  2. Delivery (AL) must be executed within 6 months from the sales date. Failing which this special PWP will no longer be valid and the Company reserves the right to forfeit the deposit.
  3. Strictly for first-come-first-serve basis and while stocks last.

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